Reading reviews on the Internet before buying a new car or new cell phone is commonplace. Choosing a data recovery company should be no different.

We have more 5-star reviews than any other data recovery company.

Why? Because we are cheaper, faster, and deliver as promised. Our clients feel compelled to spread-the-word and let others know there is an affordable option for data recovery.


Click the links below to read over -Star reviews from Yelp, Google+, BBB, and more.

130+ 5-star reviews

+Over 100 5-star “Yelp Filtered” reviews at the very bottom.

85+ 5-star reviews

40+ 5-star reviews

60+ 5-star reviews
(our listing has disappeared as of 2-17-14, we are investigating with Yahoo).

In the meantime we have a new Yahoo listing here in case our old listing doesn’t return.

Also, we have an older Yahoo! listing here, with our old business name (Yahoo won’t update it for some reason).

Angie’s List
50+ “A” reviews

Super Service Award Winner – 6 years-in-a-row!
Angie’s List is a paid membership site, only members can read reviews.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)
A+ rating
– Now, in Southern California, the BBB is called the BCA, “Business Consumer Alliance.”
BBB Member since 2007.

4 5-star reviews
– We just joined Thumbtack in May, 2014 so we are still working on getting more reviews here.

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Mr. Do wrote about his experience with  Raminfotech  Data Recovery on the MameWorld forum. His local guy couldn’t recover it,  xxxxx estimate was sky-high as always, and we got back 99%+ of his data for Raminfotech.
–> Read Mr. Do’s full review here

Sue Faunt of Somethin’ Special Blog wrote about her failed recovery at Staples, extremely high estimate from Secure Data Recovery Services, and eventually a full recovery from us for
–> Read Sue’s full story here

We’ve been mentioned on the fantastic tech Podcast “Mike Tech Show” ( several times. You can listen to the full episodes here:

Celebrity Sightings:

Since we’re just over the hill from Hollywood, we get lots of celebrity customers. It’s rare when one takes the time to leave us a review, which is understandable. But, one movie director/actor took the time to tell his story about his failed hard drive and we are grateful. You can read about it on Yelp and see his IMDB profile here.

We’ve also recovered data for stars from shows such as Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, American Idol, Lizzie McGuire, and many more.

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